Diploma supplements

Diploma supplements are intended for holders of a tertiary-level professional qualification who wish to apply for a job abroad or with a foreign company based in Switzerland. Diploma supplements can be helpful as a translation tool for foreign companies, enabling them to assess your technical competences and determine what level your qualification holds in relation to similar qualifications in other countries.

Diploma supplements are information sheets that clarify professional qualifications.

Diploma supplements are issued for the following professional qualifications:

  • Federal Diploma of Higher Education (federal examination)
  • Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education (federal examination)
  • Qualification issued by a college of higher education (completed study programme)

They contain information about the qualification and allow potential employers in Switzerland and abroad to assess the technical competences of qualification holders. Diploma supplements also show the level that the qualification holds within the Swiss National Qualifications Framework for Vocational and Professional Qualifications (NQF VPQ) and within the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Diploma supplements are available in an official language of Switzerland (i.e. German, French or Italian) as well as in English. They are issued together with the professional qualification and are either sent to the qualification holder by post or are presented to him/her in person. For professional qualifications awarded to those who have passed a federal examination, it is SERI that is responsible for issuing the corresponding diploma supplement. For professional qualifications awarded by a college of higher education as well for qualifications awarded to vocational school teachers, apprenticeship trainers, branch course instructors and examiners, it is the corresponding institution that issues the diploma supplement. Diploma supplements can also be requested after a person has obtained his/her professional qualification: www.nqr-berufsbildung.ch